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Bulk Cat5e Cable

Cat5e Wires

Cat5e is a cable variety based on the original Cat5 specification but with higher standards and is typically employed as ethernet networking cable. It consists of 8 conductors made into 4 twisted pairs, each twisted at a different frequency to avoid "cross talk". Cat5e (the 'e' stands for 'enhanced') unlike its less refined sibling Cat5, can achieve gigabit speeds just like Cat6 cable, but more economically.

Some variations of Cat5e include UTP (unshielded, most common), STP (shielded) and FTP (foiled) to aid with deflecting EMI (electro magnetic Interference), CM for in-wall installation, CMP (Plenum) for special air intake spaces, and CMR (Riser Rated) for other special spaces in buildings and campuses.

Although it's true you can save thousands of dollars by wiring up your own network at home or in the office, but if anything goes wrong, it can be even more costly to replace the cable. We started Cat5e Source to guide you through the pit falls of wiring your own ethernet network.

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